1.         To refer a potential employee, please email along with a copy of the prospective candidate’s resume, application, or both, to the Human Resource department at

Please include in your email to

  • Proposer name
  • Candidate name
  • Candidate contact details
  • Reason you are putting forward the candidate for the position.
  • Any profiles or supporting information

2.         You are eligible for a referral award only when you refer external candidates.

3.         If the candidate you refer is hired, the total referral payment is €2,500 (or location equivalent).  €1,250 (50%) is paid initially on the candidate joining and the remaining €1,250 (50%) is paid after the candidate has successfully passed their probation period. Payment of the referral scheme is made via payroll.

4.         Employees involved in the hiring decision for a particular position are not eligible for referral awards for that position.

5.         Only one referral award can be given per candidate. If a candidate is referred by more than one employee, the first referral received will be the one rewarded if the candidate is hired.